The foundation of Systema is movement, relaxation, breathing and structure.  Here you will find resources that will help you better understand these principles. 


Low level Acrobatics/ ground movement

Curve step

Ape Step

Front roll- Combat Lab

Rolls- Kevin Secours

three dimensional movement- Kevin Secours

ground flow- Kevin Secours

Combat lab acrobatics

combat lab- movement


Movement videos-

Combat Lab

Daniil Ryabko


Vladimir Vasiliev

Dance- Rootless root, fighting monkey

ido portal- movement


Relaxation videos-

Vladimir Vasiliev

Konstantin Komarov

Daniil Ryabko


Ground work videos-

Vladimir Vasiliev

Serge Savin

Emmanuel Manolakakis



Systema Short-work. This is a way of describing short striking, the strikes are delivered with any part of the body and are used to; overload the opponents nervous system, break structure, confuse the opponent and create windows/moments in order to finish a fight.



Study of Anatomy-


Systema Soft Work. This work is most akin to Aikido or tai chi in that we use softness and a lot of structure breaking. It is an intense study in self (breath, posture, movement, and relaxation) and biomechanics of your opponents.

Soft work for knife defense. Movement and breaking structure.Soft work on contact- vs grabs and holds. Soft work and biomechanics. ESCAPE from holds.



Systema Instructors from around the world!


Mikhail Ryabko systema master, head of Systema international.

Andreas Weitzel

Konstantin Komarov systema master.

Sergey Makarenko

Daniil Ryabko

Andrej Karafa

Andrey Karimov

George Pogacich

Kevin Secours a good introduction to martial artist, does a combined style with Ju Jitsu that is easier to understand for Americans.

Alex kostic

Valentin Talanov

Denis Ryauzov

Alexander Retuinskih

Thong Nguyen-KaizenTao a good introduction to martial artist, does a combined style with Wing Chun and Aikido.

Dragisa Jocic a good introduction to martial artist, he is also an Aikido master with great soft work.

Dmitri Skogorev


Other great masters!

Kyuzo Mifune

Morihei Ueshiba

Steven K. Hayes

Rob Renner

Cheng Man Ching

*Links to videos