Know Thy Self 

Systema, the Russian Martial Art, is a "system", a methodology for learning self control, movement, self defense and combat survival. It treats the human being as a whole: body, mind and soul. The goal is not just to become a better fighter or learn some self defense (that's just the icing on the cake).  The goal is to become a better human.


Because Systema is a Russian cultural tradition passed down from father to son it has a very different shape than Asian styles. Many Asian styles have come to adopt a linear progression symbolized by belt rankings, where in each belt ranking has a corresponding set of skills that the practitioner must learn before moving to the next belt and set of skills.


Systema has a circular curriculum.  It has eight basic skill sets that we cycle through about every two months. The skills, conditioning and understanding become deeper with every repeat of the cycle. The process is based on the natural development of children, crawling rolling and falling. Then moving on to walking, and low level acrobatics, and finally working with objects in the environment and weapons.


The process, done properly, is slow work that reprograms and rebuilds our bodies and minds, awakening a more natural self. "The work" takes fear and aggression out of fighting through a system of stress inoculation training specifically designed heal and prevent psychological scaring.


You will learn to control your fear, panic and anger in the worst situations in order to survive. Train for worst case scenarios; over-powered, out-numbered, attacked with weapons or in a confined space.

If you are looking for martial arts in the Taos area that relaxes the mind, trains the body and polishes the soul, Systema may be for you.



Taos Systema is a martial arts club formed to study the Russian martial art called Systema. It is run as a study group with the permission of RMA head instructor Vladimir Vasiliev.

Members fees pay for sudio rent and training equipment, no profits are made. Every training partner is a teacher and student. We seek to understand ourselves through our interactions with each other and as a group.




Full Circle Acupunture/

Taos Systema

Suit 3, 1027 Salazar

The Enchanted Plaza

Taos, NM


Class Times are subject to change, please email or call ahead if it is your first class.

Tony 505-927-8336.



5:30-6:30 PM Women's Self Defense

6:30-8 PM Systema for Beginners


5:30-6:30 PM Ground Fighting

6:30-8 PM Intermediate Systema

Breathing, Movement and conditioning. Self defense and Combat training (adults and responsible teenagers only). Subject matter varies week to week.


Fees are by donation.

Dress in comfortable, free moving clothing. Men, women and responsible teenagers welcome. No experience needed, all levels welcome.